Confetti Magazine of Ireland

Confetti is a beautiful publication out of Ireland and we are so pleased that they wanted to run Carey and Brian's wedding. I think this is the 3rd or 4th publication to give this wedding press. Such a fantastic event for two. I can't wait to do more stuff with Confetti. Stay tuned!


Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart Weddings did an absolutely amazing job with the layout of this fantastic wedding that we shot this past Winter in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Many, many thanks to everyone at Martha Stewart for always treating our work so well. This Real Weddings issue hit newsstands yesterday and we strongly suggest you run out and pick up a copy. There is a whole post about this wedding below. It is one of my all time favorites!


Beaver Creek, Colorado

This wedding is one of my all time favorites! I absolutely love snow and taking pictures in it can be a whole lot of fun! There was nothing easy about shooting this wedding but WOW did I have a great time! First off, the bride and groom could not have been kinder or easier going in the face of inclement weather. I assume they knew what they were in for. When we arrived in Beaver Creek, it had not snowed for almost 3 weeks. The day of the wedding a snow storm rolled in and the snow came down in buckets. Beautiful to look at, beautiful for the guests, a small nightmare for photography outdoors. Timing out the snowflakes in the foreground is half art and half luck (well probably mostly luck). Getting people to stand there in the freezing snow waiting out flurries requires really easy going and cool clients. Thanks to Abby and Cliff we were able to accomplish everything we needed. Abby and Cliff are the best! This wedding was so, so pretty. Lisa Vorce did her thing once again and this time with the help of R. Jack Balthazar. Lisa's events are always so unique and gorgeous to photograph! Many thanks to everyone involved but especially to Abby and Cliff and their amazing families. We photographed Abby's sister's wedding 6 months after this one and I can't wait for that in print as well!

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Flower Magazine, Spring 2013

I am so very happy to be in the current issue of Flower magazine! What an absolutely beautiful publication. The spread in the current issue is of Marisa and Ron's wedding in Palm Springs executed by the brilliant Lisa Vorce and Mindy Rice. I know I am always going on and on about thier talents but they do continue to amaze with one fantastic event after another. This magazine is all about flowers so there is naturally a focus on them in this article. Mindy has been referred to by many of our clients as "The Flower Whisperer". It's funny but she is THAT good. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to continually be around such talented people. Many thanks to Flower Magazine for such a great spread!


BoutiqueTHEO Shoot

Spent a day this week shooting ribbon in our kitchen with Lisa Vorce for boutiqueTHEO.com There is a little video about ribbon here if ribbon is something that interests you!